World Mental Health Day – 2017

Today we celebrated World Mental Health Day with friends and family joining us in the studio. At Designs in Mind, a working studio, we are very aware of the role work-based activities can play in improving the lives of those who live with mental health challenges.

“It’s the one day I have permission not to feel bad about my mental health, not to feel shame that I have a problem.”

We can discuss our mental health and tell people things you wouldn’t normally say.”

“More people can learn about mental health to stop the stigma.”

There is a part of me that doesn’t want to engage in it. But it is about awareness and inclusion – there is a bit of fear in exposing myself as mentally ill. The guilt is of not engaging with the wider world – but not talking about it makes it invisible.”

‘Workplace Wellbeing’ is the theme of this year’s Mental Health Day and at Designs in Mind we are able to provide the kind of safe space that is needed for everyone #WarmthWitWonderment

It’s important to take action and not just talk about mental health – assign resources to it – as much as we do to physical health.”

Helping people realise who they see in the street might look complete, but they may be broken inside”.

With depression being the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide it is important that the workplace is able to be a safe space for people.

Coming here is a big thing – by being with people (at the studio) helping each other, I focus on my mental health and when I go home I feel OK.”

Focusing on my mental health seems self-indulgent – it’s not a visible illness, but it impacts everything. I make sure the school run is done, the girls are ok, but I neglect myself – even brushing my teeth is difficult. When I am here I can focus on my mental health safely and positively. Therefore I can cope better physically and mentally with life.


Mental Health problems can affect anyone, any day of the year, but October 10th is a great day to show your support for better mental health and start looking after your own wellbeing’ –

“Mental health is not just an internal problem, because it can’t be seen – it affects our physical health too.”

“It’s important to have good mental health, because you function better, being aware of it helps you in all areas of life.”