Wilfred Owen Bench Commission

As part of the Wilfred Owen Festival in Oswestry we have been commissioned by Shropshire Libraries to design a bench that will go on display at Oswestry Library from the 4th of November.

Inspiration has come from a poem written by members of Designs in Mind and visiting poet Jonny Fluffy Punk, as well as stories and imagery of men coming home from the war.

Our Days Are Memories of Home

In a safe place without borders

Our days are memories of home

Now comrades cradle guns

where babes once slumbered

Now flesh wrapped in skin

like the rats on the line

Now our twinkle toes

blackened with mould

Now rest on sacs of old potatoes

or in muddy socks of brown

Mametz Wood now chard town

blasted swamps and limbless sticks

In a safe place without borders

Our days are memories of home

‘To know that my work will be seen by locals and visitors of Oswestry now and in years to come, gives me a real sense of purpose and pride. It has helped me when I’ve felt stressed, as it has calmed me down, although my knees and shoulders will tell you a different tale!

As a creative writer and designer, I have enjoyed getting to know more about Wilfred Owen and his works, which has helped bring this bench alive.’


At Designs in Mind we are finding ways to live life and challenge mental health stigma. We create high quality ambitious and experimental art & design work and support each other to make independent ambition a reality.

Everyone joins the studio as a member of the team, through strong referral pathways with community mental health teams, GP’s and Redwoods Hospital. A strong network of friends and a peer group is established. Members are creatively challenged and work with purpose, building their self-worth and discovering new aspirations for the future.

The presentation of this bench goes alongside a Wilfred Owen exhibition in JOLT the Designs in Mind shop, 15 Cross Street Oswestry, and open until the 17th of November.

Opening the JOLT shop this year has made an incredible difference to Designs in Mind, enabling us to connect to the community in a way we haven’t done before. This exhibition and participation in this festival, including work from everyone in the studio, is a great example of this.

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