Where safe meets my place

Never really till now have I thought of the term ‘Safe Space’, or what it really means to me as an individual. But the more I think about it the more it becomes real. My home is not a safe space right now, but there is one place I attend twice a week, that is my bolt hole and that is Designs in Mind.

Coming in from the hustle bustle of the street to studio, it’s there where it often happens; When I turn into the yard and through the door, it’s as though the world can’t reach me, but I can still touch the world if I choose. Safe space, an escape from the norm, but where I find safety and friendship amongst like minded individuals.

I experience a ‘safe space’ from knowing myself and what works best for me, I am a planner and a detailer and I know me. In recent times it is finding something creative, this is safe for me; I become work focus absorbed and it helps me become focused and less distracted, from what is going on (or until my inner me feels secure to participate with other stuff, i.e. conversation).

Drawing and creative writing has become a very prominent safe space for me in the last couple of years, I can lock myself away and let my imagination come alive, in the safety of my creative flow.

In my safe place I am understood, by the one who understands me most……. Myself!

Being in control is another safe space for me, often when I’m in the studio at the start of the morning, I will find myself sitting whilst everyone is rushing around doing what they need to do first thing, What I’m doing in my mind, is actually creating the space, understanding what I am doing, making a plan in a world where nobody goes- it’s a dangerous and fascinating place; the inside of my head.

Over the next few months we are asking for more stories to explore what is a safe space? what does it mean to you? do you have this space in your life? what does it feel like? Is it important? How is it created?

Please get in touch to share your ideas- catherine (@) designsinmind.co.uk

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