Under the watchful eye of Snowdon

On World Mental Health Day, Monday October the 10th 2016, 6 Designs in Mind folk take on the wild swimming challenge.

This challenge started off with the title ‘Wild Swimming’ and now, thanks to the wonderful people at Gone Swimming, we are taking the ‘Wild’ to another level.

This film, DIP, is made in Shropshire and is about how swimming in wild water has a healing quality for mental health. We got in touch with Gabby, at Gone Swimming, featured in the film and she jumped at the chance to get involved.


Gabby will be leading our adventure, supporting us with expert advice, hot drinks and snacks, changing robes, wetsuits and a bright swimming hat!

The Challenge

Kathryn, Jo, Elin, Jo, Catherine and Amy have been chatting about why this is a challenge…

‘I’ve said I’ll do it now so I have to do it- yugghhh!’

We are 6 wild women aged between 24 and 71


2 of the group have never been wild swimming before

Is this going to be the naked challenge! As we get strip, swim, strip and get warm for every lake.

Who knows what lurks beneath- the unknown of a fish or even just a plant brushing against your leg

What will the weather be like?

A physical and mental challenge

‘Apart from running after my kids, this will be the most physical exercise I have done for four years’

Our Adventure

We will be aiming to swim in four of the following lakes-


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Llyn Padarn is a glacially formed lake in Snowdonia. The lake is approximately 2 miles long and at its deepest point is 94 feet. It is one of the largest natural lakes in Wales.

This may not be secluded but is a beautiful place to swim. I swim here twice a week. You can take various routes either across or along or dip into the alleyways to the lagoons

Gabby, Gone Swimming


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Llyn Dinas is a lake near Beddgelert and is formed by the River Glaslyn.

The lake is fairly shallow and can be bit weedy around the edges. The wind can really whip across the surface so it you like a bit of swell this can make an exciting little adventure!

Viv, WildSwim.com


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Llyn Gwynant The lake is fed by mountain streams flowing into the Afon Glaslyn river from the summit of Snowdon itself, bringing very cold currents.

The large grey rock on the far side of Gwynant looks like an elephant, making a swim to it seem an obvious journey.

Kate, WildSwim.com


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Llynnau Mymbyr these 2 lakes are set amongst Snowdonia’s highest peaks, are also known as the Capel Curig Lakes and are around 3/4 mile long, with a depth of 30 feet.

The swim down the joining river was pretty cool – it was deep enough to still do freestyle along it and admire the little fishes playing in the rocks and weeds below

Sarah, sarzmountainrun.bogspot


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Llyn Ogwen is an extremely shallow lake, with a depth of only three metres, and is around a mile long. It lies at a height of 310 metres above sea level. The lake is the source of the River Ogwen.

Ancient legend links Llyn Ogwen with King Arthur, and it is said that the lake is the final resting place of his sword Excalibur.

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Llyn Idwal is a small lake that lies within Cwm Idwal in the Glyderau mountains of Snowdonia. It is named after Prince Idwal Foel, a grandson of Rhodri Mawr, one of the ancient Kings of Wales.

It’s north-facing which, combined with its altitude, means that it’s a little bit colder than the others. But the deep-sided cwm (rock basin) is stunning from the water. And minerals washed down from Devil’s Kitchen would have made the grass beneath it supernaturally green, if the light hadn’t been too flat to see it.

Kate, Active Traveller

For Another Time

When we spoke to Gabby her description of a more typical Gone Swimming adventure is about unplugging from everything else, spending time being still, drinking tea and hanging out in hammocks.

After ‘Our Adventure’ hopefully we will be hooked and can indulge in some more wild swimming with Gabby, as that sounds more like our kind of thing.


Kathryn, Jo, Elin, Jo, Catherine and Amy are going on an adventure to raise money to buy a new piece of equipment which will contribute to the future sustainability of the organisation.

You can sponsor them here-