This is life

This is life.

It is Tuesday, day 1 for us in the week and we have… 

Called an ambulance to take someone to hospital

Listened and been there for people experiencing anger, pain, frustration, fear, sadness

Spoken to the police

Cried and hugged and shared feelings of disbelief and shock as someone close to us has died

And we will open the shop on Saturday.

Our studio has been busy, products have been made, we are working on 3 commissions at the minute and we have taken an order for another. We have held a photo shoot of products and delivered training for those people working in the shop.

People have walked past the shop asking questions and the excitement is growing in Oswestry about what is happening on Cross Street.

And I am at home writing this, having just had a conversation about why it is so important in our culture that people can make mistakes and not be made to feel awful about it. The other half of this conversation is trying to convince me that accountability is important for productivity.

At Designs in Mind, there is ‘back-up’ so whatever role, function, task, project you are participating in, you will not be made to feel awful for taking risks, running with ideas or thinking on your feet to deal with a situation or circumstance.

We are interdependent.

I don’t believe that this culture has to be unique to us because we are a ‘community’ group, working with people living with ‘mental health challenges’ or because we are within the ‘voluntary and community sector’ and maybe not perceived to be part of the ‘business’ world.

No 2 days are the same here. We can have all the plans we like, but we can never prepare for what life throws at us. We will always make time for life and at the same time we are productive and make things happen.

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