The Mug Project – Take me to a Place

The mug project started during our time in lockdown and at The Centre, in the height of pandemic restrictions when we were all dreaming of what we missed about “normal” life.

It is a collaborative project between Us and Theo Williams, Designer and Creative Director.

Since 2019, Theo has worked closely with Designs in Mind to guide us commercially with his expertise.

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This project was born from the value placed on shared experience, something which has been so hard to achieve during the pandemic!

Working initially with performer and Poet, Johnny Fluffy Punk, we created poems based on life pre and post lockdown which were then explored through a series of online and then in person workshops.

Line drawings became visual storyboards and verses taken from each poem paid illustrative homage to the things people craved most. The Hustle and Bustle of daily life along with the freedoms of travel and special events were amongst many designs that made it onto these fabulous mugs – ready to share a ‘cuppa’ once restrictions began to lift.

The finished mugs are now available in 4 different designs from our online shop

Posted by Maddy Moore, Good Egg team and Member