The Good Egg Gardening Project

Just over a month ago we started a gardening project to makeover the outside alley space at the side of our building.

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The project aims to make a usable space for members and staff to enjoy. To create a listen and connect seating area as an extension of our new indoor room and give the space a calm, welcoming feeling.

Although I am coordinating the project I want to give members the chance to take the lead and make decisions, gaining confidence and skills along the way.

We started the project by designing mood boards to give us an idea of what we liked and what we wanted the space to eventually look like.

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We then progressed to cleaning the space, this has taken a few weeks of painting, scrubbing and jet washing.

We have a long way to go but it’s really starting to look and feel lovely.

When we are established we hope to grow our own plants to sell at the local market and make hanging baskets and window boxes for local businesses.

We would also like to partner with the Community Orchard and Osnosh to grow fruit and vegetables, making connections within the community and giving members the opportunity to volunteer outside of Designs in Mind.

We started the project with nothing and have reached out to local businesses for donations, people have been bringing plants in and every day there is an addition. A huge thank you to those that have helped so far.

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If you would like to donate anything then please get in touch with me at or drop in and see us on a Monday morning,

Posted by Maddy Moore