Welcome to Our Store

Welcome to the Designs in Mind retail Store.  Within the welcoming walls of our studios in Shropshire, adults living with mental health challenges come together to embark on ambitious and experimental art and design projects.  Our shop is a testament to the incredible talent of our members who have either designed or handmade the products listed.

Every product you find here tells a unique story of creativity, courage, and triumph. From vibrant artworks to intricately crafted designs, each piece is a reflection of the diverse talents within our studio. What makes these creations even more special is that every penny you spend here goes right back into our social enterprise, directly supporting individuals on their journey to mental health and well-being.

By choosing a product from Designs in Mind, you not only bring home a one-of-a-kind piece but also contribute to much-needed support services within Shropshire.  Your purchase helps us continue our mission of providing a nurturing space where individuals can find purpose, express themselves, and build a supportive community. Join us in making a difference through art and design.