#ShowofHands Sophie

In the 25 years of my hands life, they have done many things.

They have cared for loved ones, cared for the public, also fed the public. They have shown love to many animals both pets and strangers.

They have experienced traumatic events, but also found life by gardening and nurturing plants.

Balancing cakes for many occasions, expressing myself through them, doing artwork and crafts such as sewing, embroidery, photography, raising animals and trying new things.

My hands have been through a lot in their short amount of time but keep showing love and determination.

We first saw #ShowofHands on facebook in 2018. It instantly connected to us because we often take pictures of hands working in the studio to help tell our story.


So we asked people in the studio to tell the story of their hands, answering questions like… Why do they look the way they look? What do they say about you? Whilst at Designs in Mind what do they do and what does that mean to you? What could they go on to do?

And this blog post is one of those stories.

We will be sharing more, and maybe it will inspire you to write the story of your hands. We’d love you to share them with us.

#MentalHealth #OurStory