Scion and Designs in Mind – A Collaboration

The Power of Positivity in Design

We are so excited to share a collaboration we’ve been working on over the past 18 months with Scion Living to create a wonderfully mindful, reflective, and joyous fabric and wallpaper collection.

Scion living are part of Sanderson Design Group and are a proudly British designed brand that’s inspired bold motifs and confident colour joining with Scandi influences.

Designer and creative director Initially introduced to us, Theo Williams, Designs in Mind’s creative mentor for the past three years, Theo has played a hugely important role in empowering Designs in Mind with the tools to set up this collaboration.

“He has continually championed Designs in Mind and encouraged us to contact Scion to build a relationship with the possibility of collaboration. His knowledge has been invaluable in the development of our creative material for the design industry.” – Elin

Once we received the brief from Scion, we had a lot of fun breaking down our own ideas of what we felt embodied the idea of ‘ A happy home’. These ideas then inspired the workshop that followed and included life drawings of some of our beloved pets, including Lupin the dog and Cameron’s tortoises. Using a variety of methods in the studio, from drawing techniques, to screen printing, our members brought their artwork to life.

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Through working together, our design team, led by Designs in Mind’s Design Lead Elin Humphreys, and Scions Charlotte Gibson we’ve worked to bring art to the fore as a means of helping adults working through mental health challenges. Through a series of workshops that empowered people to create and design the collection, A Place Called Home, was born, celebrating small pleasures in vivid colour.

From cheeky pet pooch portraits to colour-popping river walks and meaningful flowers in bloom, discover how we connected with Scion Living over a mutual passion for spreading positivity through the joy of design.

We have loved being part of this project, and are so proud to see the work that our members have produced being manufactured into beautiful products that can bring so much joy to so many.

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