Hand Carved Sycamore Coffee Scoop


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Over time, we have had conversation with Members to understand what new making techniques people would like to learn. One common theme was to learn a skill in wood carving. We arranged for Dave Humphreys – a very skilled human being – to come to the studio to teach Members the basics in whittling across 4 weeks.


“If I’m feeling a bit down, 30 minutes in the studio and I feel better”


In the sessions we learnt to cut and carve a coffee scoop from a solid piece of wood such as Ash and Walnut. The experience was mindful, enjoyable and challenging. So much so that it left people wanting to hone their skills and learn more.


We set up a wood carving focus group that meets every Thursday afternoon to progress our wood whitling skills and to create coffee scoops that may potentially become a product for retail. What we have learnt is that wood carving is difficult and time consuming to get the right depth of scoop to make a proper cup of coffee. We combatted that with getting the scoops pre-hollowed which allows us more time to put our stamp on the shape and the handle of the scoop. We are enjoying the journey and seeing the results from a new skilled learnt. 


Carved from solid wood and finished with food-safe olive oil.

Scoops may vary slightly as they are handmade.

Dimensions (approximately): 10cm x 6cm

20ml volume of scoop