Procrastination- How to do it well


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A Manual to Managing Procrastination


Many of us are quiet geniuses at the art of procrastination. We tend to feel so guilty about everything we haven’t done yet (and the hours frittered away as though we were immortal), that we never get around to reflecting on why we delay and how we might do so less often. It seems as if we have procrastinated too much to deserve a new start.


Far from it. As this book shows, procrastination isn’t a weird affliction we alone have been cursed with: it’s a fascinating and solvable design flaw of the human animal.


The goal is not to remove procrastination altogether (it sometimes has things to teach us), but to understand its roots and plot a nimble path around it. This book is about managing our procrastination, getting the most out of our afternoons on the sofa and sometimes daring to get on with the most important tasks in our lives.


Topics Include: 

  • Busy-ness
  • Deadlines
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Existential Angst
  • Eating
  • The Distraction of Pornography
  • Sorrow & Compassion
  • A Brief History of Procrastination