Our Peaceful Garden

orange and yellow flowers in pots hanging from a window
Our floral window

Our Peaceful Garden – Created by Our Ever Evolving Gardening Group

Here at Designs in Mind, we are creative and talented folk. Not only with our design projects in the studio, but with a keen eye for spaces beyond.

orange and yellow flowers in pots hanging from a window
Our floral window

One example of this is transforming our outdoor entrance space into a garden area.

Our Member, Maddy, who you may know as my predecessor in writing these weekly blogs, came up with this wonderful idea. That formed a willing handful of Members who collaborated under the moniker of ‘the Monday Gardening Group’

When Maddy took a step back from blog writing and heading up Gardening Group, to focus on her own craft business ‘Handmade by Maddy’. I came to be our current blog writer. At the same time Maddy asked the group of gardeners if one of them would like to step in to lead Gardening Group.

Maddy shared these words with me;

“My inspiration was the fact that the alleyway was dark and uninviting, I spent a while out there just looking at the space and imagining what it could be. When we started out with it, I approached Morrisons in Oswestry, who were great and donated a lot of things to us.  Over time Members, Staff and Volunteers have also donated plants, pots and seeds. We always really looking forward to sitting out in our lovely, vibrant space, especially in the warmer weather. I had the most amazing group of people who went on transforming it. I asked a group member to take on the leadership role and I’m so glad I did! That Member has done a fantastic job.”

Big thanks to Maddy for the brilliant idea and her comments. It reminds me how we all pull together at Designs in Mind to make everything we do work well.

Another green fingered Gardening Group participant shared: “Being part of Monday’s gardening group was very cathartic and meditative for me, we made a shabby space look so beautiful and that’s given me another reason to be a proud Member of Designs in Mind.”

Well done to all the Good Eggs who initially were Gardening Group, they spent many days and hours making the garden area look so welcoming and aesthetically beautiful.

For me personally, it’s really been a joy to sit out there, while making me feel much better on many an anxious day, so thank you to all involved.

As we mentioned earlier, life at Designs in Mind is ever evolving, which has meant tflowers and leaves in flowerpots in a courtyardhose involved now have different commitments. Weare looking for Members who can help out with planting, potting, weeding, tidying and other gardening tasks for this year. This can be done on the same day as studio days or when you attend Singing, Reading or other Focus Groups. Perhaps you could let a member of staff know of your interest in helping out.

Blog Written & researched by Willow,  Member & Social Media Coordinator