Our Late Night Shopping Bazaar’s

Here at Designs in Mind, our shop opened its door for our first two Late Night Festive shopping Bazaar.

The first evening was on the same night Oswestry’s Christmas lights were switched on, with the second one, on Friday 1st December.

Our shop’s inviting festive glow

We officially opened our shop doors in Cross Street, Oswestry on 20th February 2023, so we’re steadily approaching our first anniversary.

Our shop also features a 3rd new area that extends our studio space. It is a way in which Designs in Mind can transform what mental health services look and feel like. Our shop is an important connection between the local community and our studio.

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Some more of our quality products

I felt the best way to portray these evenings, was to ask those who were involved in the planning and present during the late nights.

Charlotte part of our Team of Staff shared her perspective in these beautiful words:

“On the day before our first Late Night Christmas Bazaar, there was a great atmosphere of excitement in the studio. It was a case of ‘all hands on deck’ as we put new stock in the shop, decorated the windows, and prepared for festive block printing. I don’t think I’ve been up and down our stairs so many times in one day! But the result was worth it, the shop looked fantastic and it was so lovely to see all the new items that everyone had worked so hard on, finally on display.

When we were open over these Late Night Shopping events, there was such a positive feeling in the shop. Both from ourselves and customers! Whilst this was a ‘shopping’ event, it was equally as nice to chat with customers who had just called in to find out more about Designs in Mind. There was such a great feeling of warmth and community, just as there always is in the studio, but this time it extended beyond into the High Street.

One thing which was clear from both nights was just how impressed customers were with the quality and design of the work we do in the studio. People were engaging with our processes, asking questions, and wanting to know more about our story.

Our beautifully arranged window display

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It was a great chance to be involved in our local community, and I’m looking forward to seeing how our late-night shopping events develop in the future.”

As the writer of this blog, I’ve shared my comments too: “I braved the chill and went along on a Thursday evening to volunteer with the festive card printing. We had a member come along with his family, and they all thoroughly enjoyed printing with the block prints onto the cards provided. I enjoyed making a card too!

The staff and volunteers had been hard at work during the day, making the shop look very magical. There was mulled wine and mince pies on offer too. It all felt very festive indeed. It made me feel so proud to be part of such a wonderful team.

We made some festive sales of our beautifully made products, which made me feel warm and fuzzy”

Leo our Volunteer, added his wonderfully worded thoughts: “All magic takes hard work. It was wonderful to see the activity of the studios float downstairs into a sparkling shop. I am reminded of the little people in Snow White.

Beaten copper jewellery, printed cards and books.A stitch here and there, embellished with crafted embroidery. Perfectly lasered jewellery.

Those perfectly lasered jewellery items Leo mentioned!

Last but not least beautifully glazed ceramics. All creating a buzz of good spirit accompanied by the scent of mulled wine wafting through the air. It was so good to be a part of the magic.”

Massive thanks to all of the members, volunteers, staff and customers for making this first-time event so successful. We value all of your support from the initial creative ideas, and the making processes, to the end products and to those who make purchases. We look forward to meeting new and existing customers in our shop.

Our shop opening hours are:

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If you’d like to browse an online shop here is the link: http://designsinmind.co.uk/shop-1

Blog Written & researched by Willow, Member & Social Media Coordinator