Nicki & Marion

Member Stories

Last week Nicky and Marion took part in a blogging workshop.

One of the tasks was to flick through their favourite magazine and look at all the different styles of articles; cartoons, interviews, quotes, perspectives, poems, stories, script, photographs, drawings etc

Nicky and Marion decided that for their blog they would interview each other about what it’s like coming to Designs in Mind…

Nicky: So Marion how long have you been a member of Designs in Mind?

Marion: Since November 2013 as a new referral on a Wednesday and then I moved in February 2015 to the Tuesday group as a new member. All the volunteers are excellent instructors and Sylvia is an excellent teacher. How about you?

Nicky: 4 years. I think the social interaction as well as learning new skills is why I come- what do you get out of coming here?

Marion: It’s the company, getting to spend time with like minded people and learning new crafts. What artistic things do you enjoy the most?

Nicky: I love screen printing and pottery. I also enjoy string art- I enjoy most things really.

Marion: Yes I do. I find drawing the most enjoyable as well as felt making. I still feel a bit nervous about working on commissions, as I’m quite new, but I gain confidence with each one.

Nicky: I love working towards different commission, because it is so lovely to see the finished article. We’ve all done our little bit and it is lovely to see it all come together.

Marion: What do you find therapeutic about being here?

Nicky: Mainly it’s the variety of activities and chatting with my friends. It’s a good place to meet new people and I have made life long friends. How did you find moving from the new referrals group to being a Member?

Marion: It started off very well because I knew some people already there as I had gone to a pottery workshop with them. The third week I came was very busy, there were more people- I am getting used to that now and I love coming.