Next & Scion Collaboration


You may be aware that Designs in Mind has recently been involved in a huge collaborative project with Scion Living, part of Sanderson Group Plc.

We ran a previous blog about the collaborative workshops we created, with Scion Staff, to present and further develop our relationship with this well-known design group. We held these at various locations in the UK, like a mini touring workshop idea with Sanderson Group staff. These were a huge success and celebrated our coming together as designers.

We are pleased to announce our members designs made it onto various products in the Next Range with Scion! This is a huge recognition of our members input to designs created right here, in Oswestry Town by local people that are now available to buy online and can be purchased by anyone, anywhere in the world!

We have various designs created by our members featuring bedding, cushions, pyjamas, slippers and much more.

So if you looking to update your cosy winter wardrobe and/or bedding, you can support us in choosing our designs on Next products this Autumn and Winter.

Perhaps you might be looking for Christmas gifts too! All of the ranges we have been involved in will be linked below for you to browse at your leisure.

For me, the best thing about our range with Next is there is a Quilt Cover to match the Pyjamas. So I’ve asked a friend for the quilt cover for a gift. I’m looking forward to being camouflaged in my bed with my matching nightwear!

Maybe, like me, you are a big fan of 100% Cotton, quality made Pyjamas!

I loved the quality of the long sleeve and long legged pyjamas so much, I’ve also been gifted the shorts and short sleeves version for Spring and Summer.

For me Pyjamas and Quilt covers signify Self Care, Relaxation, Comfort and Wellbeing.

I’m constantly changing from my day clothes into my PJ’S to rest in between my daily plans! Then changing into dog walking clothes,then back to my snuggly pyjamas.

It’s like a daily ritual! I find it helps me to switch off, relax and feel comfortable around my home, its like they signal, ‘its me time’!

Soon my entire bedroom will be like a Scion Sanctuary!

It gives me a great sense of pride to know that the designers are real people, people I know. Folk who are local adults, who’ve faced mental health challenges, just like we all do from time to time, these are local folks who’ve survived and thrived ! Seeing these items around my home reminds me ‘it’s OK to not be Okay’ and that I’ve got a reason to keep going, because these folk did and look what they became part of!

The quality of the night attire is so good, they could easily be worn in the day and no-one would say “why are you wearing your pyjamas”. One of our members proved that by recently wearing the trousers to our AGM at the studio, she looked fabulous!

Perhaps you’ll fall in love with one or all of our 3 different designs and find your bedroom becoming a sanctuary too! My favourite, being a dog lover and Animal Communicator, is the Doggy Day Care design!

The other names of our Designs are:
River Wander – with a hidden Duck
Flower of Love – A Cyclamen flower design

Doggy Day Care PJs

Doggy Day Care Short Sleeves & Shorts set

Doggy Day Care Slippers


Doggy Day Care

River Wander

Flower of Love

Bed sets

Doggy Day Care

River Wander

Flower of Love


Blog written by Willow – A Designs in Mind Member and Social Media Coordinator