If you believe that you may pose a serious risk to yourself or are contemplating suicide, it is crucial to seek urgent medical help.

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If you're experiencing a crisis that isn't a medical emergency, our crisis resources may offer valuable support.

Mental Health Support Services

Designs in Mind Support

Together we are transforming what mental health services look and feel like so that people can get the right support when they need it.

Joining our creative studio

Joining our community at Designs in Mind will help you to develop positive mental wellbeing through creative challenge, a sense of purpose, and friendship. We are a safe space to try new things, discover a creative purpose, and to meet new people.

If you live in Shropshire and have a mental health diagnosis you can either self-refer to our services or be referred by mental health services or your GP. Please find our New Referral Form below.

To help us put you in touch with the team that can give you the support you need, please complete the form below.

Self Referral Form

Form to be completed by a health care professional: To help us put you in touch with the team that can give your client the support they need.

Professional Referral Form

Becoming A New Referral

Everyone begins their journey with us as a New Referral.

Our New Referrals Programme is a 10-week course where newcomers to Designs in Mind learn creative skills, build confidence and friendships, and discover the warm and supportive environment of our studio.

Becoming a New Referral will introduce you to the benefits of purposeful creativity. We believe that art and design have the power to impact how we feel – not just through how it looks but through the process of making.
In each New Referral Programme session, you can expect to learn new art skills and experiment alongside other New Referrals in a safe and encouraging space.

Creative Challenge

Our New Referral Artist leads each workshop session and covers a range of exciting practical art skills – such as printmaking, ceramics, sewing, embroidery, drawing, and collage.

The Listen and Connect Team are also on hand to listen and support you through navigating challenges you may be experiencing, helping you to get the most out of each workshop session.

What Happens Next?

After 10 weeks each New Referral can become a regularly attending Member of Designs in Mind. As a Member, you can participate in our weekly workshops to contribute to exciting and ambitious art projects, further develop skills and confidence, and be a part of our supportive and friendly community.

We are partnered with other local organisations who can advise you about training, education, employment, finance and wellbeing.

    “Designs In Mind helps me apply myself then I can also apply myself outside. I am then not over-whelmed.”

    “I have learnt that I am welcome and that having mental illness is normal and nothing to be ashamed of.”

    “I find it useful spending time with other people who all understand the difficulties of mental health.”