More In Common

Jo Cox MP was killed a year ago and over this weekend the UK is making sure that her words live on.

Gatherings, called the The Great Get Together are designed to unite people and to promote the tolerance of difference and celebration of diversity that Jo Cox championed.

In the studio we discussed what does #MoreInCommon mean to us, as a group in the studio and also what we have in common in our community…

Here in the studio we all appreciate struggle and feel unified by it- we’re all in the same boat

Sense of humour


Tea & Cake

We all love making

A need for appreciation

Mutual respect


Beating hearts

Our blood is all red

Skin that keeps me in, does not keep you out

We smile…

A small smile

From the person at the till,

Or the bus driver,

A friendly word from the library assistant.

A cheerful exchange with a man

down a hole in the road.

A civil garage attendant.

And the moment,

The day, is changed.

One’s hope in all humanity is restored!

Pam Brown, 1928

Here are some celebrities sharing what they think unites us as a country…

There are events happening all around the country which you can find out about here-

And if you can’t get to an event- take cake to your neighbour, share on social media what you think we all have in common using the #MoreInCommon, turn whatever you are doing this weekend in to a ‘Great Get Together’ and talk about what we have in common.