Mental Health Awareness Week – Finding friendships in the darkest times

Having mental health challenges can be very isolating and lonely.

When you join Designs in Mind making friends is the last thing on your mind, just getting through the door is hard enough.

Members know how each other feel and this allows us to be ourselves, on both good and bad days you are accepted without fear of judgement.

I have made lots of lovely non-judgemental friends at Designs in Mind. They understand me as they are going through similar things themselves. We help each other through difficult times but also have lots of laughs. – member quote
Friendships soon form as people get to know and support each other. Peer to Peer support is important within Designs in Mind. Being with people that you wouldn’t usually meet makes for interesting conversations.

Members meet up outside the studio for coffee, swimming, picnics, nights out and much more.

Posted by Maddy Moore, Good Egg Team and member