Members Journey – Gareth’s Story

Member Stories

This week we’ve another member’s story to share with you.

Gareth attends the studio on the same day as me, so a few weeks ago I asked if he’d like to share his story. I got talking to him about his journey since joining our Designs Studio. I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing how in just a year, being part of all we do, has helped him.

First off, I was interested in how Gareth found Designs in Mind, he shared that his Doctor thought it might help him to cope with his mental health challenges.

I asked if that had become a reality for him, and he said “I’ve been at Design in Mind just over a year and yes it has helped me so much, the main reason is I love being part of a group of people that I can relate to”

I asked further questions to see if his confidence has increased from being a Studio Member, Gareth shared “Yes, as being able to speak more often with like-minded people and talk about my life experiences helps me greatly”.

Gareth shared that pre covid he used to go to Autism Hub in Shrewsbury, as his weekly support. Then he found Designs, which is closer to home, this is now a regular weekly workshop for him to express himself through art and design.

I enquired about any highlights of his first year with the team “I loved helping at the Balloon Carnival last August, on our screen printing stall and helping at the Public Workshops”

I worked alongside Gareth at the Balloon Carnival last year and saw his confidence increase as the day went on, he was a real hit with those who came over to Screenprint, he was most professional with the public, a good guide to those new to the Screenprint method.

f91327 b59c9b8db81947aebd33e0b22e485c68mv2 - Designs in MindSome great work was produced that day, by those who attended, so well done Gareth, what a wonderful achievement.

Gareth shared more with me, about what being a member with Designs means to him “I love getting stuck in with everything we do at the studio, there’s been so much to try, I love every minute of my time here. Being part of Designs in Mind has helped my confidence no end.

Outside of the studio, I like that I’m able to go out to meet people in other social settings in the evening.  I like the structure of my weeks, as that’s important to me.

I enjoy my time attending Designs on my Studio day, I like to take each day as it comes because I can’t cope with having too many plans”

Thank you for sharing your journey Gareth it’s much appreciated.


Blog Written & researched by Willow, Member & Social Media Coordinator