Member Story – Victoria

Member Stories

I emerged into Designs in Mind during the Summer 2018, after jaunting past the shop, on a days’ shop not too long after we moved to North Shropshire.

One winter’s day, it a was frigid, ghastly and dull evening and I pitched my walk to the Jolt shop door, where I was hailed with a welcome mat.

The embrace was just a vast wave of acceptance and I can never forget it. In other words, I will never let it slip from my life!

I got a referral from my Early Intervention Team after my time in a psychiatrist hospital that year, 2018; my third time being in one. I vastly fought with hostility from my Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Now, I can safely say my trauma markers have come right down.

I will tell a short story; I had an injurious time with Herefordshire Children’s Social Services. I was at the brink of somewhere, I was persistently being belittled down by my father from blatant lies. It was a tumultuous event! He gets so dishonoured of me being the only girl being nurtured into his family.

For many generations, from his grandparents, great grandparents, they didn’t have a girl being born for a prolonged time. Additionally, my father’s parents were not dissimilar prejudiced towards women. Leading up to a conclusion about my parents, my mother is an astounding single mother, she eternally is benevolent, gentle and doting for my brother and I non-stop. She never let us lament for help without the reassurance, guidance and encouragement from her.

She habitually collides a star-line towards my dreams, goals and ambitions. She worked 24/7 for us and still does to this day. She is a gorgeous, outgoing, prudent, intelligent, flowery, magical, brave, courageous and genuine mother and woman. I love her to the moon and all the stars in the universe and back!

To cut a long story short, after rigorous complaints Herefordshire Children’s Social Services. admitted they were in the wrong and they agreed on that note they would pay for trauma therapy for me! I have undergone Smart TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy,) I was going to Birmingham; to Five Ways, for up to four days a week for six-eight weeks.

I still go to Birmingham a couple of times a month for maintenance sessions. Everyone at Designs in Mind can notice a huge difference in my appearance which is so uplifting to the other members to see such an upswing! It transparently makes an enormous dissimilarity of the happy-go-lucky vibe I bring to the studio.

Designs in Mind has been immensely beneficial for me. Before, I was very introverted and now I am so much more open about my mental health. I have even started a podcast. I have grown & evolved into my true character.

Designs in Mind is a flamboyant, charismatic and ever-lasting little studio tucked away behind the modest Tudor buildings of Oswestry. You walk through an animated and striking alley way, walk up the abrupt steps that lead to the entrance of the main studio and you’re there.

Without Designs in Mind, I wouldn’t have a social life. Surrounding myself with so many heart-warming and welcoming people has been uplifting.

The studio and people make me feel unstoppable, dancing with an audacity and have imperishable confidence!! It is rather boisterous and bursting at the seams with laughter whilst we sew away at the fabric.

Not being afraid of what I sound like, I shatter the mugs with my singing. Sometimes it may be loud but that’s what the ‘T’ is for. You can have as much time out as you need and so on days, I don’t feel like doing much, there is always time for some mithering and tea, lots of tea! Doesn’t tea make everything better?

If Designs in Mind hadn’t been here; if I hadn’t of walked down the street; even moved here – then, I wouldn’t have found this authentic place. I would be still dwelling, venting and explaining to other professionals of the frantic experience I have faced.

The words of encouragement and support is the kindest thing I have ever felt from a community. Everybody listens without judging.

Being able to express how I’m feeling candidly is amazingly positive. It is a place where my privacy feels respected. We do a check in before and after the day to see how everybody is so when I’m not feeling great then everybody uses their discernment and never pushes me too far. Nobody takes things personally when I have high moments of a psychotic episode and I have so many delusions, I can’t help getting out on Facebook and on messaging. They always try and give practical help if they can. They are always, patient and they always let me know “we are here if you ever need a shoulder to cry on”

My most treasured memory, which I am always reminiscing over, repeatedly… has got to be Scion: something about this project has it all; it felt endless. I felt it was necessary for me to be a part of this project because it guided me to be divided by other members, I felt like an united team game.

Did I mention? There is always cake to share!! Is there a favourite? To be brutally frank, I can’t pick favourites! I appreciate every little inch of what Designs in Mind has done and this is just the start of something. There will be more in the foreseeable future…

Inside to outside, I am just as enduring, determined and courageous.

Designs in Mind has made me splash and dive straight into the deep end with indestructible confidence.

I was severely mentally ill, when I entered Designs in Mind but with a few nudges, everyone there got me out of my shell. You know, how I used to be jolly and bubbly. I never fail to make anybody burst out with laughter with my irresistible, clenching and witty puns. Even if I’m not doing anything, I am making puns for cards in the shop! I get everybody tickled pink and walking on air with them, no, I frankly do! Argh, you don’t believe me, do you? Do as you please and have it your way then!

When I’m out of the workshop, I am always around animals. I compete, in Dressage and I am with Calon RDA and even though it’s not official, yet I am hoping to be a Virtus athlete and Paralympian.

I am on the Autism Spectrum and a feminist helping women with Autism, Mental Health and Living with Epilepsy.

I am a poet and make illustrations myself for my poems.

I want to raise awareness, break the stigma and taboos through my own business. I am an entrepreneur willing to know more.

I was diagnosed later in life with autism and often girls/women are rarely diagnosed and not diagnosed until much older. I talk about what it is like to live, manage with autism and give practical solutions to others. My aim is to change women’s’ lives.

One last thing, Designs in Mind has emphatically perpetual enthusiasm for unanticipated chances and memorable moments! It is a community of revolutionary people who are growing each day.

Designs in Mind is a versatile lifestyle and an occasion to bolster your dreams.

It is a culture of altering your identity to make you more confident and more comfortable than you ever think, powerful, irreversible and in vogue reachable to all!

What a rebellious and sanguine place!

Designs in Mind makes me brave enough to encircle the uncertainty. I have begun to accept every downgrade as who I am. As they say no one can design your standards for you, you are your possibility, you choose your way of life.

I have changed my daily habits into iconic ones with Designs in Mind. I am just left, feeling empowered and Designs in Mind is such a great vibe. No limitations just freedom. I bodily embrace it. I see a beauty queen in everything.