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“I’ve been attending Designs in Mind for almost 12 months now, my amazing care coordinator told me about it, as she knew I loved crafts and creative things”.

I asked Jasmin if attending Designs in Mind has helped her overall well-being and in what way.  “Definitely. It gives me a reason to get up. I lost my job almost 18 months ago due to my Mental Health, so Designs in Mind now gives me structure and routine, as well as social interaction, it’s something creative to work on, when doing the projects. I have a purpose”.

When asked if she felt attending our studio helped with her confidence, Jasmin replied “Yes. I hate meeting new people, especially in environments that are full of people and noise, as it exhausts me and makes me so anxious. I feel I’ve gotten much better with that since attending Designs in Mind studio”.

I explored further to enquire with Jasmin, if Designs weren’t here as an option for her, who would she approach instead?

“Community Mental Health Teams, I previously used Shropshire Mental Health support a lot, but they are Shrewsbury so I struggled to get there, they are mostly talking services (the cafes they run etc). Designs give me so much more, having projects to work on and attending the other groups, helps me in a different way, which suits me better.

I also attend the reading group and singing group, as well as the Friday walk & talk, and at times Fridays Making Alongside online group, so Designs is a big feature of my weeks”.

Jasmin shared that her favourite project has been our Lanterns, for the Love Oswestry Parade.

She said “This is the first project I felt I really got involved in. I struggle with getting ideas for projects sometimes, but as this ran for a long time I was able to get some ideas in time. It was lovely to see it all come together and how everyone worked together.

I wanted to help with the lanterns on the night but I know I’m not always the most reliable due to my anxieties. I felt really anxious, but I met up with another member, that I’ve become friends with beforehand in a local coffee shop. That meet up totally helped ease my anxiety.

When I got to the studio, although it was busy and bustling with all the last minute prep (ensuring all lanterns had candles & handles), it was wonderful to see all the members getting involved and helping.

I was so glad to take part in the lantern parade too, it was great seeing the lanterns lit up, trailing through the town. I also liked spotting who had a lantern I had made, seeing the kids so happy with something I had actually made was a real joy and a boost for me”.

I’ve featured some pictures of Jasmin’s contributions, perhaps you’ll notice a familiar theme in her designs.



Jasmin went on to share that she is also enjoying a collage project Designs are collaborating on with a hospital, its based on British wildlife., “I’m trying to do a fox made out of leaves”. 

I wondered within almost a year, how Designs in Mind helped Jasmin outside of the studio?  She shared “I find I leave the house a lot more now. Although I still have moments where I can’t face people or going out, I do that a lot less and push through my anxious feelings.

Often my main way of coping when things are bad, was to hide away from everyone and everything. Friends/family/services etc. But now I still attend Designs studio on my worst days as most of the time I leave feeling better, on the days where I may not feel any better, I can reflect that at least it gave me a reason to leave the walls of my house”.

As a final peak into Jasmin’s Journey with us, I asked if Designs has encouraged her to have more plans in life and what may the future hold for her?

Looking to the future is a huge issue for me, I don’t like looking too far to the future as I don’t like what I see. But, I’ll look forward to next week, and the next week and the next, because I know I have Designs in Mind in all the weeks to come.

I do hope that I will work again and that’s the goal, my ultimate work goal is to return to accountancy. All other future plans and goals I can’t face yet…. but I’m glad Designs studio is in my future for now.

We’re really proud to have Jasmin as part of what we do here at Designs. I personally look forward to hearing Jasmin’s Poetry in our reading group, so she has kindly shared one for all to read.

Jasmin’s Poem

Life’s Funfair

On the outskirts of life, I am an invisible bystander.

A self made outcast; I wear my loneliness like a cloak

Watching the happiness and love from a distance.

Wishing to step out of the shadows and buy a ticket to the funfair.

To smile, to laugh and eat candyfloss

While holding hands and stealing kisses behind the ticket booth.

But alone I sit, watching the setting sun

Whilst tired toddlers sleep in their parents loving arms

And lovers paint memories entwined with each other.

We hope Jasmin’s story and journey can help other’s to know that there are options out there after job loss and social anxieties .

Thanks for being brave and sharing Jasmin.

Blog Written by Willow Member & Social Media Coordinator