Member Interview – Lotte

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When did you start at Designs in Mind?

I joined when Designs in Mind was the Project Group, approximately 20 years ago.

How has coming to Designs in Mind helped with your overall mental health?

Designs in mind give me something to aim for with the various projects we do. I love the different disciplines needed, it challenges me and being engrossed takes my mind off my problems. So it really helps my state of mind.

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Has coming to Designs in Mind increased your confidence?

Designs in Mind has improved my confidence because I’m doing things and learning about what can be achieved. Also being surrounded by others being creative is a massive boost. I’ve met so many lovely people there.

Are you involved with any projects other than the morning workshops?

Would you like to be?

I’ve only been with the morning groups so far but would love to get involved with a focus group too.

What is your favourite project or product?

My favourite product is glass and the mug project too, great to see everyone’s designs together! I absolutely loved doing the studio print swap too.

How has Designs in Mind helped you outside of the studio?

Designs in Mind has helped outside of the group as I’m able to tell others about what I’m involved in and the creative journeys I’ve taken part in too.

Tell me a bit about what you are involved in outside of Designs in Mind.

I’m currently involved with a Wild Skills Wild Spaces course with the Wildlife Trust. Being immersed in Nature is great for my mental health as is learning green woodwork skills and cooking outdoors.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years time I hope to be making my own jewellery and crafts and still contributing to D in M!


Posted by Maddy Moore, Good Egg Team and Member