Meet the Team – Bridie

Meet the Team

Bridie started at Designs in Mind in 2015 after graduating from Bristol University with a BA Honours in drawing and applied arts. She then went on to work freelance in both the UK and Spain before settling back in Oswestry.

She is now the studio manager/lead organising workshops, commissions and much more, working with the members daily.

Bridie’s favourite project is the Stem Cell commission for the memorial garden at the Orthopaedic Hospital in Gobowen.

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I think the fact that we were responsible for not only the artwork but the design of the whole space, meant that the pressure was even more intense than usual. The team that with Covid halted all work completely and it seemed impossible that it would ever get done. I think that’s perhaps why it’s the most memorable for me as I put my heart, soul sweat and tears into it to get it finished for the members, but also for Prof’s wife Shona. I think it’s the kind of space that surprises people when they discover it was created by people suffering from mental health difficulties. It’s like a massive ‘In your face’ to that stigma which is what we’re all about.

Posted by Maddy Moore, Good Egg Team and Member