Making and Mental Health

When I am making something changes.

It is a rest for my mind. When my head feels busy, chaotic, heavy, I cannot think to do anything, and then I start making and the chaos disappears.

Making is not a distraction in a mind numbing way- like watching the t.v, it is not a passive distraction. When i’m making I’m active. I have decisions to make, creative decisions and this is fulfilling.

My hands are busy, this is important. My mind and my body are working together.

I am creating something new. The anticipation of the pleasure I might get when it is finished is overwhelming, this sensation fills my body.

It feels like a part of me is being valued, a part of me that doesn’t get valued enough.

And when I make here, at Designs in Mind, I am making alongside others. Even better.

This is good for me, I can go on to do more and get other things done in my life.

Tomorrow we are delivering our first ‘Wellbeing at Work‘ workshop with Confide Counselling. One of the things we will be discussing is what happens when you are making? If you want to make and create a culture that is positive about mental health please contact us: