Liana’s Frustrating Day

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Tuesday was a frustrating day!

I spent all day ripping fabric and sewing it, to find it all in a pile at my feet! Let me explain:

My task is to rip 3 different colours of fabric into strips. I place them on to bonda-web and iron them on- so in theory they shouldn’t come off. Once stuck on, I free machine over the fabric to create the design of tree bark.

The problem was, the first 2 panels worked because they were in an oblong shape. The next few were elaborate, intricate shapes. As I was trying to free sew some bits of fabric on, other bits came off and fell on the floor.

So I had to re-think.

I tried pinning the fabric to the bonda-web to make sure it didn’t come off, and then machined- this was moderately successful.

So Thursday wasn’t so frustrating.

Liana is working on a tree for the background of a throw, which will be home to many embroidered birds. The throw will be raffled in August.