I’m Moving On

Supporting our Members to move on is why we are here, but it is always hard to say goodbye. Members know that they can come back, visit, have a coffee anytime and we always like to hear how life is now. We love it when we get letters like this;

Dear all

I will be leaving and would like to thank you all for your help and support. I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety and through my CMHT worker I was offered a place at the group following my CBT treatment. At the time of my referral I didn’t think I would ever be able to work again, I had little or no confidence in myself or my abilities and really saw a bleak future.

Through coming to the group you have given me confidence in myself and that I have something of value to contribute to society and the community. You have done this by supporting me in a very sensitive manner, giving me opportunities to express myself through the arts and have a valued voice.

You have given me opportunities to develop my skills with people through participating in workshops, meetings and celebrations, and then extending these skills by volunteering for workshops and finally being given an opportunity for paid employment via workshops. With support I was able to plan and deliver workshops outside the group.

Despite my panic and anxiety I was supported to achieve and learn I am more capable than I believed, my panic goes away and my panic does not stop me doing what I want. You have helped me develop strategies to manage my panic by developing my artistic talent and therefore giving me confidence in myself and my abilities.

Since working with the group, and as my confidence grew, I applied for employment and was able to talk through my interview and work struggles with staff and volunteers. Your belief in me has enabled me to secure and maintain paid employment, and look after myself. I am in the process of setting up my own shadow puppet theatre delivering childrens workshops and have been booked for Oswestry Makes Festival and a performance for the Big Busk.

Without the support, care and nurturing I would never in my wildest dreams believed I could achieve anything like this. Designs in Mind normalises mental health issues and takes away the stigma so we can be ourselves and understand my mental health issues are only a small part which can be managed and I can achieve my dreams and have a happy and productive life.

Thank You