HSAHZ- Identity Pilot

We are so excited to have worked in collaboration with the Oswestry HSAZ Cultural Consortium, on a pilot project that is centred around community, heritage and local social engagement

As a studio of designer makers, we focused on the identity aspects of a town and its habitants.

Treating ourselves as our subjects, we collected and recorded our fingerprints, then manipulated and scaled up the results

The view was to create a piece of striking mural artwork to be displayed in the Oswestry library, and the concept is to demonstrate through fingerprints, that although no two are the same, they are a unique code for our DNA and are a means of tracking who we are and where we are.

To manipulate and join them in this way to create a monochromatic mural in which they appear seamless and fluid, is to further illustrate that as individuals we create the identity of a population

Whether that population be small or big it is our unique perspectives that when allied with others identities, merge together to create a community. We asked each other whilst creating our work, what does Oswestry mean to us? What does it represent? And how do we feel we fit within it? The words we created to be cleverly worked into the lines of the mural using the same monochromatic pallet so as to make the viewer really look into the artwork

Posted by Maddy Moore, Good Egg team and Member