My Designs in Mind journey started with the evening workshop held in the Jolt shop on a Tuesday evening this was recommended by a friend who was attending Designs in Mind,

I managed to get myself through the door 3 weeks on the trot before my anxiety got the better of me.

That same friend told me to ask my doctor for a referral which I did twice, before I finally asked my psychiatrist who got onto it straight away. Within 3 days I had a phone call from Jo asking me to go for a look around, it took me so much courage to get through the door and as soon as I met Jo the tears started, but her kindness and warmth shone through and I knew I was in the right place for me and from that day on I grew from strength to strength.

For the first year, I was met around the corner by Bridie to help me get in before everyone.

I would not look up or interact with the morning meeting, I would just sit and wait for the meeting to end so I could go upstairs where it was quiet and I would feel more relaxed.

The first project I worked on was screen printing for the Gobowen Library. I was instantly hooked and my confidence rapidly grew in what I was able to do. I would spend every spare minute I could at the studio because I had a purpose and felt useful for the first time in a while. Eventually, people started coming to look at and comment on my work and friendships grew.

Just over a year after I started Bridie asked if I would like to help her with the new referrals,

I apprehensively said yes not knowing what to expect and how I would be able to make people feel more comfortable in new surroundings, but yet again I surprised myself, just making tea, sitting alongside making, advising and talking about my own experiences helped someone else.

Now here I am 2 and a half years later and one month into being a paid member of staff and #GoodEgg Project Support.

Posted by Maddy Moore, Good Egg team and Member