Have you heard ~ our Sheep are about flock to Oswestry Town!


Maybe you’ve already heard about this exciting part of the Love Oswestry Festival. You’ll no doubt have heard of Sheepdog Trials but how about a Sheep Trail?

This February welcomes “Ossie the Sheep” as a bonus to the Love Oswestry Festival’s fun things to do.  This trail is all about celebrating Oswestry’s market town history, where you can get involved in spotting Sheep, dotted about the town.

Designs in Mind is proud to participate in this local project which we’ve been commissioned for by Oswestry BID & Love Oswestry.  Our task…. to design, paint and prep 9 giant wooden Ossie the Sheep-shaped cut outs, we’ve added grass bases too, so they don’t go hungry while waiting to be found!

Many of them are brightly painted so they’ll be easy to spot! Every one lovingly hand-painted or decoupaged in our studio, by our Members and the Team.

Here at Designs, we set the tone for our members to get the most satisfaction out of everything they choose to be involved in. So we thought you’d like to read a quote from one of our members, talking about their part in it and what it meant for them to be involved.  “I enjoyed being part of a team, improving my painting skills and seeing the various designs come to life.  I felt good to be part of a community project and greatly look forward to seeing the sheep around the town.

This project gave me so much. I had a purpose, a reason to get out and work with great team members. I gained focus which stopped me from dwelling on my health issues. I loved the designs which were all so unique and they looked fantastic. My confidence with painting and colour improved and it inspired me to make some designs of my own that may be used in future projects”.

We extend a huge thanks to all who’ve been part of this as they’ve worked so conscientiously and tirelessly. get all Ossie’s prepared in time.  I have loved seeing the studius, yet relaxed happy faces of those painters, watching Ossie’s come to life and chatting to them about their feelings around creating such beautiful works of art.

Before painting, these wooden base templates were made for us by a local joiner whose name humorously…… is Shaun! He is the owner of Avenue Four Joinery located at the back of the Willow Gallery in Oswestry. Big thanks to him for doing such a fabulous job.

Whilst he was kindly carting the Sheep to our studio, folk who knew him were chuckling and calling out “Shaun the Sheep” in fits of giggles, totally bemused by it all. In “sweeping” with this humour, we’ve not been at all “sheepish” during this project, with our member’s confidentiality coming up with outstanding and eye-catching designs.

We hope this interactive event, with our snazzy sheep, really “shears ewe” up during this chilly month. Make sure to wear your Wooly jumpers!  Joking apart, it’s going to be such fun to seek Sheep all about the town! We wish you the best of luck on the trail.

We hope you will take part in the Trail which is flocking to the town for 3 weeks. It’s free to take part, with QR codes to scan. By participating, you’ll be in with a chance to win prizes! See the quote below to find out what’s up for grabs.

You can use the Loyalfree app linked below this quote from Loyalfree.

Can you help Ossie the Sheep find his 9 sheepy friends? They’ve all gone walkabout in Oswestry town centre, and we need to find them ASAP!  Each sheep has a cool new Oswestry design by Designs in Mind too! It’s a fun family trail – so just find the cool-looking sheep and scan the QR codes for a chance to win a gift voucher – 1st prize is £50, 2nd prize is £25 and 3rd prize is £10.  The trail is free to take part in and runs from 11th to 26th February 2023 as part of the Love Oswestry Festival. An Oswestry BID initiative.


Please feel free to share this blog on your social media to encourage others to spot Ossie the Sheep too! As we don’t wish to spoil all the fun of spotting our Ossies, we’ve included just a couple of sneak peek pictures.

One is of an on-paper design, and one of a wooden Sheep in painting progress by our dedicated members

Blog written by Willow, Good Egg Team, Social Media Coordinator & Studio Member