Habitat Homeware Collaboration


We’ve got some hugely exciting news to share this week!

You may recall earlier this year, where we shared a blog about our Hush Hush filming, that was taking place in our Designs in Mind studios! This was the blog: https://www.designsinmind.co.uk/single-post/hush-hush-high-street-filming

We can now reveal that our secret filming was all about our members designs appearing on products in the Sainsburys Habitat homeware range! We are so very proud to see our logo, which is our name, inscribed onto these high street products. This marks a very important time for us to see our great work, produced by our members, appearing in High Street big name outlets.

Habitat UK YouTube channel have shared a video showcasing the collaborative project.

Watch this here: https://youtu.be/58uJ6XcpQrk?si=OBgLD2JC6PZ7EPzu

Here are some pictures I took on the day the Sainsbury’s Habitat Team were filming in our studios. I’ve held onto these photos for a few months awaiting them to be revealed!

8 file - Designs in Mind

Filming us flicking paint onto a glass canvas!

9 file - Designs in Mind

We had a sneak peak of the products!

10 file - Designs in Mind

We participated in a “throw down” of collage!

One of our volunteers spotted the range of products in Sainsbury’s Shrewsbury, this is the picture she shared with us.

11 file - Designs in Mind

You can help support us in buying these products, helping to spread our name and our good work, far and wide.

We will be sharing more about these products soon, so watch this space….

Blog Written & researched by Willow, Member & Social Media Coordinator