Help is always needed at our creative studio

Volunteering at Designs in Mind is a vital component of our studio, and it takes on various forms to cater to different aspects of our support service.

Our Artist Volunteers play an integral role in the studio, actively participating in creative activities, and sharing their artistic skills and expertise. They contribute not only to developing members talents but also their passion, fostering a collaborative atmosphere that fuels the creativity of our members.

Our Listen & Connect Volunteers focus on well-being and interpersonal connections, signposting to various support services within the area. They provide an empathetic ear and a compassionate presence, ensuring that our members feel heard, valued, and understood.

Lastly, our Retail Volunteers bring our artistic creations to the wider world, helping to run our shop and showcase the incredible work our members produce.

These three categories of volunteers are the pillars of our organisation, each contributing uniquely to create an inclusive and supportive space for individuals to explore their creative potential while building connections and showcasing their work to the broader community.

Become a Corporate Partner

Designs in Mind is deeply committed to partnering with companies and organisations that are eager to contribute to breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health.
We want to work with you to help your business meet social responsibility requirements, provide team building workshop experiences for staff, and to increase mental health awareness in the workplace.

As a Corporate Partner you can access customised opportunities for:

  • Tailored Employee Art Workshops
  • Advertising opportunities across our website, blog, printed media
  • Logo placement in our studio and public space
  • Volunteering Opportunities
  • Access to Mental Health Resources

To discuss our Corporate Partnership opportunities and to put together a custom partnership package please contact

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