Finding a place to be

Some days are like no other days

We meet extraordinary people

One Wednesday morning, early on, a group of young people (who had slept very little) came to the studio for a ‘session’. Each had their own dilemma, but one struggles with gender identity, today a girl, tomorrow a boy- what space will this captivating, talented young person decide to occupy in the world, how can others respond sensitively to this profound moment in their life?

Later, an older man, articulate, funny, unconventional, trying to find a place to be, to feel accepted and to have his creativity recognised and valued

Later still, a lonely lost young woman- deeply depressed, struggling to become part of the world. Trapped by her own uncertainties. She smiled at me with real hope that she had found a place where here contribution would mean something.

Designs in Mind is that place.

Exciting, Motivating, Inclusive, Special