Designs in Mind Turn’s It Up a Notch


This week we’re proud to announce a recent collaboration with Notch Bracelets.

These bracelets, with individually engraved notches and a choice of colours are ways to wear achievements, milestones, memories & positivity around your wrist. They are specially engraved with words & icons.

Following our voting sheet passed around our studio to our members and staff, we have now the following notches available:

Designs in Mind

Embrace your Challenges

Breaking the Stigma

Just keep Doodling

Making Magic

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This collaboration means for every notch sold we gain a percentage of the sale, yet another great achievement for us, in becoming well known and keeping our organisation going.

If you’d like to get our notches, you can order them here:

Designs In Mind NOTCH Charms

The notches remind me of a silver charm bracelet I had as a baby with lots of new baby charms on it. I recall it was quite a popular thing back in the 70’s, so I wondered how long have charm bracelets been around?

I found out that the Babylonians are believed to be the first people to wear charms on charm bracelets from around 700 BC, so quite some time.

Always keen to know how these opportunities come to be, I asked around the studio to discover the background story, keen to know how Designs in Mind, came to being featured on Notch Bracelets.

One of our members Kelly, was wearing a Notch Bracelet on her studio day and mentioned to our Studio Lead Artist, Bridie, that Notch make charms/notches and donate to charity and organisations, that we’d get 10% for each notch, as well as having out name widespread!

Kelly shared: “As I’d recently put Hope House in touch with Notch, after some friends of mine ran the virtual London Marathon. I thought it might be good publicity for Designs in Mind, as well as adding a percentage of the sale to fund raising. I’m really looking forward to adding more Designs in Mind notches over time!”

I asked Kelly when she first came across Notch Bracelets?

She wrote:”I first discovered Notch when it was shared on a chronic illness support group, that I’m a member of.

It was a unique bangle to display medical alerts on.

Functional and a little fashionable!

I think mostly they market to those busy folk that like to run and log their achievements.

I just liked the idea of having the medical alert notches and them recognising certain charities and organisations that I follow”.

I could see this had meaning for Kelly and asked her to share what wearing her notch bracelet means to her, she wrote:

“It’s taken me quite some time to make peace with my medical conditions and now I feel a sense of solidarity and pride wearing them on my bracelet”.

Thanks go to Kelly for sharing this wonderful new opportunity with Designs in Mind and for your bravery in your ongoing health challenges. Also thank to Notch for featuring us and helping get our name known, further afield.

We also thank all of our members for helping to shortlist the phrases chosen to feature.

Thanks to all of our readers too, perhaps you’ll decide to share this blog on your social media or add a Designs in Mind Notch to your Christmas Wish List! Maybe you know someone who would love one of these bracelets and you know they’ve a notch, close to their heart, you can gift them.

Maybe this blog has got you thinking of a charities or organisation who may benefit from being part of this too, here is the link to get involved:

Blog Written & researched by Willow, Member & Social Media Coordinator