Designs in Mind saved my life – Willow

Designs In Mind Saved My Life Acrostic

Don’t underestimate the
Empowerment this
Studio has given
If I’m honest it’s saved my life
Got to meet new friends
Noticed how
Supported I feel…

I’m no longer Suicidal
No longer Depressed.. I even

Mingled at the Scion launch
I felt so at home
Nibbled on Pizza
Drank a glass of fizz

Slayed my Anxieties being
Among you all
Victory over Mental Health
Everything I needed
Demolished my Fears

Made such beautiful art
Yielded so many new ways

Life’s better for being part of
It all, My
Feels are all joyful, it truly
Energises me.

Written by Willow, A Member

Posted By Maddy, Good Egg Team and Member