Coverage Care Commission


A new commissions begins.

Expectations are high, where do we start?

We had worked with Coverage Care previously when New Fairholme opened in Oswestry, so we had an understanding of how we can work together and knowledge of each others working processes.

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Photo: Taken at New Fairholme, Oswestry

Of the many reasons we have been keen to work with you, this incudes;

An excellent experience of working with you when we transitioned services from Fairholme to the New Fairholme

Your values and your sensitive methodology in engaging with service users and staff

The genuine enthusiasm and professionalism of EVERYONE involved in the work of Designs in Mind

Your wonderfully innovative and creative [art] works which surpasses any reasonable expectation of quality

David Coull, Commissioner, Chief Executive, Coverage Care


We are blushing, but this is the feedback we like and aspire to on all our commissions.

So here we are again. Coverage Care set to work in early 2016 to build a new care home in Shrewsbury, Montgomery House. This was our brief…

Something that involves the residents and contains images that could trigger memories

David Coull, Commissioner, Chief Executive, Coverage Care


It was inspiring going with Jo to Coverage Care; being in on the first discussions, the first part of the process of looking at a new commission

CSJ, Member Designs in Mind

We started with a chat and drawing with residents and family members who would be moving in to the new home. We played music, chatted 1:1, worked in groups and used lots of imagery of the River Severn to inspire conversations, reflections and memories of this place.

We then set to work to design and make 6 string ward signs, 30 felt wall hangings and a 40m mosaic path.

I like the way the mosaic comes together, a bit like creating a jigsaw. Once you’ve got the design in mind (no pun intended) it can quickly come together, a bit of brute force with the clippers and a bit of patience fitting it together, brings a whole that can surprise me how good it’s developed. It makes me feel proud how far my skills have come on under the guidance of DM.

The felting piece can be a bit mind boggling until you’ve got the idea in your own mind of how to develop it. Working with layers from underneath to the top, you can create a piece in a similar way to a painting. Putting in the details is such a delight, it makes it all worthwhile. I sometimes surprise myself at what I’ve accomplished.

JB, Member Designs in Mind

Members (Adults referred through mental health services) of Designs in Mind were involved in all aspects of this commission

– 1 member initial commission conversation

– 3 members involved in conversations with contractors and planning meetings

– 6 members take on the individual challenge of the string ward signs

– 20 members work side by side, to design and make 30 felt wall hangings

– 8 members work together to nibble the mosaic tiles and create the design for the 40m mosaic path

– 3 members were involved in the installation of the work

– 15 members learnt new design and making skills that they had not done before

And 5 volunteers supported members and took on their own design and making challenges throughout the process.

230 making hours

And now it is complete, we have said goodbye to it as it left the studio and it is settling in to it’s new home.

We thought the recent art work was utterly inspiring, it beautifully compliments the soft furnishings within the building and at the same time it provides a charming gateway to the wonderful memory path. It is rare not to hear complimentary remarks from visitors and residents as they discover the pieces, distributed throughout the home.

We can’t thank Designs in mind enough

David Coull, Commissioner, Chief Executive, Coverage Care

You can watch a video and walk along the mosaic path by clicking here

Thank You Coverage Care, we loved working with you.

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