Chronic Illness Group

Last year I did an online pilot group for members who also suffer from a chronic illness, as I suffer myself it was a great help to be able to talk to other people who were going through the same thing. Unfortunately, my health took a turn for the worse and I couldn’t carry on.

Earlier this year the group was started up again by one of our members, running every other week via Zoom and supported by Stuart, our Listen and Connect lead. It is a great support to those members that use it.

Living with a chronic illness can be debilitating, both physically and mentally. Not only does it make it impossible to do the things you enjoy, it can also rob you of a sense of hope for the future.

Having mental health issues doesn’t exclude you from suffering physical chronic illness. Having this safe, supportive space on Zoom for us gives me a place to talk about living with illness and how it affects my mental health too. The group also helps me to not feel isolated with my struggles and to share and swap ideas and experiences to help one another. – Designs in Mind Member
Mental health challenges and chronic illness go hand in hand. It is estimated that up to one-third of people with chronic illness also experience mental health challenges.

Without the correct support chronic illness and mental health challenges can overwhelm the person suffering, their family, friends and co workers.

It can be lonely and isolating so groups like these are an essential part of feeling connected and part of something, which is always at the heart of Designs in Mind.

Posted by Maddy Moore, Good Egg team and Member