Christmas Raffle 2016

Every year we work together to design and make a piece to raffle at Christmas time.

From January 2016 everyone at Designs in Mind has been encouraged to make a small textile square on the theme of Sea Life. The challenge was to look very closely at sea life images so the become almost abstract.

We raided the cupboard and put together a colour scheme and textured fabrics- silks, velvet’s and linens. Everyone was free to design and create a piece that was entirely their own.

The results are stunning. Each piece is so different but holds together because of the cohesive colour scheme.

‘I really enjoy work that requires attention to detail. Since coming here I am getting used to mixing with other people, and this is slowly improving. I am also now talking more to neighbours and other people. There is an ongoing increase in my confidence.’


12 pieces have been selected to create a large framed textile piece, which will be our first raffle prize this Christmas. Second prize is a small framed embroidered wren and third prize is a £20 voucher to spend on our new brand JOLT.

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Raffle tickets will be on sale from Tuesday 15th of November, with the draw taking place at our studio on the 13th of December. Tickets can be purchased from our members, staff and volunteers, at our Christmas Sale or by emailing Tickets are £1 each and all the money raised goes to support the continued work of Designs in Mind.

Individual sea life panels have been framed and will be on sale at our Christmas Sale on the 26th of November, from 10.00am – 4.00pm at the Dunbabin Room at the Willow Gallery in Oswestry.

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