Celebrating International World Happiness Day

Monday 20th March 2023 was International World Happiness Day.  Here at Designs in Minds, we thought it would make for a lovely blog on sharing and spreading the word on what happiness is, as like most things each individual would have a different perspective and spin on what happiness means to them.

Here’s what a bunch of us have come up with.

“My Happiness comes mainly from my canine companion Oscar and getting out in Nature. I also love to write and create art & crafts. My current favourite project at Designs in Mind is Slow Stitching with Nicki.

I feel happiness coursing through my veins when I pick up my material to stich for stichings sake, with no rules or neatness required, its so freeing.
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I usually struggle to finish crafts however this is something I cannot put down and have immersed myself in it for 3 hours straight at times. It’s been so medatative, it slows down the heart rate, I also found I had no thoughts running through my mind except the joy of the next stitch, so I see the Mental Health benefits are huge”. Willow

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Here is a wonderfully thought out, insightful and beautifully written piece from one of our members on happiness.

“There’s degrees of happiness in what the event or person or thing is, like a new car, family wedding, new baby, winning money, landing the perfect job. These could be for one person a 10/10 and someones dreams for ultimate happiness. However, a bunch of flowers or seeing the first snowdrops in spring, or a bubble bath with the kids out for the night or watching a blazing sunset on a warm summers night, a hug from a friend, in that moment might be your 10/10 for happiness and just what you need.

Also If your starting point on the happiness scale is perhaps on the low side already, maybe because your very stressed, suffering depression, fallen on hard times, facing financial hardship etc then what level of happiness you can achieve/feel may also be altered and the ‘ big’ things may be too much. Instead of feeling immense happiness it may overwhelming, stress inducing or even too much to cope with.

Whereas the smaller things over the big dreams can be the building blocks to our happiness. But this is all external! Inner happiness with ourselves may mean self exploration, support, self care and nurturing and is a whole other concept to explore.

A list of the happiness Designs in Mind brings me

* a family that doesn’t judge, let’s you be you, even if your not sure who you are yet or want to be

*seeing new members experience mutual respect, individuality, love, care, support, understanding, as well as creativity, inspiration,creative encouragement and belief in them. Seeing how fast they blossom as their confidence grows, while they gain a sense of belonging with us.

* seeing volunteers gain as much from members, as members do from them

* having a purpose, a sense of pride to be a part of the studio, with an overwhelming gratitude for all Designs means and does for me and others

*to walk into a room and feel valued, not invisible, appreciated, loved and to have a voice that’s listened when I’m happy and feeling good to the same level as when I have no voice and am low

I have so much pride and gratitude that Designs in Mind is such a huge part of what brings me happiness in so many elements and ways they can’t all be mentioned in a single blog”!

Jenny B ~ Thanks so much for sharing your views its really refreshing to hear your views and I love that you said writing this was so cathartic for you.


Other Member shared their comments on happiness:


“Outside the studio it’s the very magic of nature, from the colours of emerging Hawthorn buds to the musical symphony of bird song, to the wonderous beasts, bugs and blooms nature has to offer.

Inside the studio is another kind of magic. A magic that keeps the inner demons away, you can feel warm, wanted and welcomed with paintbrush or pencil in hand, and praised for our skills that we may not necessarily appreciate in ourselves”.

Thanks Cameron for this lovely, heartwarming quote.

“I find it’s the camaraderie of Designs in Mind that makes it special”

Thanks Kevin for sharing this very true statement.

“The thing that gives me a smile when I’m in the studio is mostly just walking through the door and seeing everyone. Doesn’t matter how I’m feeling or how others are feeling , I always feel welcome and loved, that brings me happiness.

Outside of the studio is my strength training or a good song that just hits differently when your driving, where there’s a nice view all at the same time, not planned”

Love this so much, well said Alfie, thanks for sharing.

After reading all these well-thought out quotes I took my research further as I realised that in general we often don’t take time to really ponder on life’s happiness, which is a shame as it can be really good for our well-being to take 10 minutes out of our full lives to focus on those things that bring us joy and happiness, as I truly believe life is meant to be full of those moments.

It was Aristotle who once said “Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and the end of human existence”

Focusing on happiness has a direct influence on your brain, specifically your neuroplasticity, which is your brain’s ability to grow, expand, and improve. When you are happy, your brain simply works better.  You may notice that you are more creative, alert, and engaged in life when you are when in a good mood.  With such a plethora of benefits to happiness, I’d like to invite you, our readers, the general public, our Team, our Volunteers and our Members to explore what happiness means for you too.

Perhaps you’d like to write it down so you really feel it and have it available as a piece of paper that you can refer to often. Maybe drawing your happiness is more you thing, or you could do both.  Taking it further you could encourage your family, colleagues and friends to take time to share their feelings and thoughts on happiness too, spreading the happiness far and wide.

Happiness has physical benefits too as quoted from this article from Positive Psychology


“Scientific studies have begun to reveal a host of physical health benefits surrounding happiness including a stronger immune system, stronger resilience in the face of stress, a stronger heart and less risk of cardiovascular disease, alongside quicker recovery times when overcoming illness or surgery. There is even a body of research that indicates being happy may help us to live longer lives”.

If your feeling in a bit of a low mood, or depression and happiness seems out of reach currently, remember it’s OK to not be Okay , perhaps when you’re ready you can explore this article that has “14 Simple Ways To Boost Your Happiness” one of them is Dark Chocolate…..


If your struggling with low feelings and depression and happiness isn’t coming do reach out to any of the following services

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Blog Written & researched by Willow, Member & Social Media Coordinator