Celebrating 2015

Creative Studio

We have had a busy year, and so we have made this short film to highlight what we have been making.

I have been to a lot of events this year to speak about the work of Designs in Mind, to share our story and to help raise our profile. One of the things that always strikes me is how amazed and impressed people are by the quality of the work. To some extent, people are often embarassed, one lady was desperately trying to swallow her words, but she just couldn’t help it ‘but your work is so professional‘. We know that all these things are said with good intentions- and we really like hearing the compliments, but it does seem normal to expect low quality work from a community group, or that adults referred through mental health services couldn’t produce this standard of work- as a culture we set very low expectations.

Members of Designs in Mind are challenging mental health stigma and changing peoples minds about what it is possible to achieve.

You can download our summary report for the year, by clicking the image below, which includes more interesting facts and statisics about the projects we have delivered this year.

This inforgaphic was made for us by Shropshire Council’s Voluntary and Community Sector Association, when we were asked to complete their social value survey. The statistics have come from our 2014-2015 evaluation.

and in 2016…



Coverage Care- mosaic path for new care home in Shrewsbury and string ward signs

Private commission- outdoor seating and play frame made from recycled materials

Awaiting funding decision- Baby Bird Café- Perspex and screen print flock of birds to fly up the building, and mosaic entrance porch

Awaiting funding decision- Caxton Surgery- Textile wall hanging



Continue to work with mentor Andrew Tanner

Awaiting funding decision- professional development for In House Design Lead- Elin Humphreys

Launch online shop with ‘Not on the High Street’

Develop new product range for Christmas Sale to be held in pop up shop in a new location in Oswestry

Support members to sell their own retail products with independent retail event


Service Developments

Develop new referral pathway through ‘workplace wellbeing’ and new partnerships. Currently in research phase, please contribute your ideas here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3R3ZBBX

Awaiting funding decision- new support programmes for members to move on including healthier finance training, and support to become self-employed makers


Get Involved…

Become a volunteer on a Tuesday of Thursday between 9.30am and 2.00pm

Join the Executive Committee, meetings take place approximately every 6 weeks at 1.00pm on either Tuesdays or Thursdays

Commission work in wood, glass, textiles, mosaic or recycled materials for work or at home

Talk to us about Workplace Wellbeing where you work https://designsinmind.co.uk/workplace-wellbeing/

Donate through Local Giving- https://localgiving.com/charity/designsinmin

Contact catherine@designsinmind.co.uk

We would like to thank every one who has worked with us, supported us and championed us in 2015 and we look forward to working with you again in 2016.