Can I really call Samaritans?

(Shrewsbury) Samaritans is huge support to us at Designs in Mind- to be honest, I’d say they’re more than support, they are part of the team.

We have worked very closely together to figure out how can we can create more space and time to talk, in the studio, when things are not going well. When life seems to be throwing everything at us and it feels like we’re at the bottom of a very big hole.

Part of this is talking continuously about Samaritans and making it part of everyday conversation.

This is how I explain Samaritans to people, after a chat with Tony (Samaritans Volunteer), because he made it possible for me to call them…

We all carry with us a lot of stuff, there is a lot going on in our lives. Sometimes we don’t want to, or don’t have the time to deal with it.

For everyone it is different- there is no ranking system of seriousness- if it is serious to you, it is serious.

Sometimes we put all that hard, serious, painful stuff in a box just so that we can carry on.

It would be great if we gave ourselves time to look in that box every so often and had a chat about it. This is what Samaritans is for. Taking some time to chat about what is in your box.

If we don’t make time to chat about what is in our box, one day that box may explode. This is also what Samaritans is for, having someone to talk to in a crisis, to be there, anytime.

Now I use Samaritans to help me chat about what is in my box, as a check in, every so often, because if someone is listening it helps me process, and this helps me carry on.

For me it helps because I can’t see the person, they can’t see me. I don’t know the person, they don’t know me. It is 100% confidential; I can say what I like. Whatever I say won’t be used against me in the future, I can use what I learn about myself. I won’t get advice, or get told what to do, I will just get to talk and be the whole of me.

When I do choose to chat to family, friends, colleagues, who are also a huge support to me, I can focus on what is important, be clearer, be lighter, be considered, be reflective, make more happen…

So for me YES, I can call Samaritans, it is for everyone, anytime.

It has helped me and I have seen it make a huge difference to people who I have supported to use it.

Let’s start talking about it more.

Call 116123. 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

To find out more about Samaritans click here

To find out more about Shrewsbury Samaritans click here

If you have a story to share about talking to Samaritans, please get in touch.

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