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Many people are scared to talk about mental ill health. When we avoid talking about it, we’re basically pretending it doesn’t exist, it is something to be ashamed of and that reinforces the stigma.

Throughout February we are hoping to put out a series of blogs about mental health stigma and we are looking for people to contribute. If you have a story to share, a question to discuss, an idea or perspective- we would love it if you would write for us.

We have been discussing this in the studio and we have come up with a list of starting points that might help or you can write from scratch. Please send your blogs to

We can post them anonymously or in your name. We are looking for between 300-1000 words and we can chat to you about images if we publish your blog. So please get writing and we can’t wait to hear from you…

  • We’re really good at covering up pain

  • ‘Once you become comfortable being a mad person you can get on with your life’

  • I’ve lost my job because of my mental health

  • Why does stigma make recovery harder?

  • Stigma and my family

  • My experience of stigma

  • Is it indulgent to speak out about mental health?

  • Stigma and post-natal depression

  • Stigma and self harm

  • Coping in silence

  • Me, my friends and my mental health

  • Being at work with mental health issues

  • How do I think people see me?

  • I want you to know, but I don’t want to tell you

  • Self stigma

  • I don’t know what to say

  • People talk about me and not with me

Please send your writing to by the 24th of January.