Are you better now?

Recovery is an ongoing journey after suffering for 4 years with depression (diagnosed) and a mood disorder. If I am honest it has probably been a lot longer. I have had ups and some very big downs.

I feel recovery to me is a work in progress. I don’t feel there will be a certain end date or light bulb moment when- jazz hands I AM CURED! That is not me being pessimistic that is me being realistic after living with this.

People who don’t suffer say ‘Are you better now?’ if I’m having a good day, if only!

Recovery to me is continuing to take my medication, seeing my CMHT worker, reading, getting enough sleep, going to Designs in Mind, taking time out for myself, adjusting working hours, walking the dog, talking with my husband, spending time with my husband and children, cutting out the things from my life that bring me down and keeping on with this cycle.

Depression and my mood disorder are just part of me, it is not like having a broken arm that can be set and mended and recovered from within 8 weeks. With mental health illness, there is no approximate recovery date that can be given!

Like a ‘recovered’ alcoholic, mental health illness recovery is ongoing for life!

On February the 11th 2018 we launched a crowdfunding campaign. We want to start a conversation about mental health that is powerful. No more treading on eggshells. We are not invisible, We do not want to be hidden away. Our work in the studio and shop is #SmashingStigma every day, and now we are going to be a little noisier.

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As part of the campaign we are also looking for more blogs about mental health stigma, so please get in touch if you have a story to share.

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