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On Tuesday the 21st of February at 11.00am we launch our latest commission.

Jenny and Alison went to chat to Katie at Baby Bird Cafe now there is only one week to go.

Q: When did Baby Bird CIC open, and why did you open it?

It was opened at the end of August 2014, mainly due to having my daughter and finding lots of places difficult to access. I wanted to create somewhere with plenty of space for baby-buggies – to park and turn-around in, and baby-changing facilities. But it was also about creating a ‘haven’ where mothers could feel more comfortable breast-feeding, or with problems associated with bringing young children to public areas (e.g. having tantrums). Being around others in the same ‘boat’ makes it easier – although the law allows breast-feeding in cafes, and anyone complaining about it can be (legally) asked to leave, this in itself doesn’t necessarily mean mums will find it comfortable. We also have the Oswestry breast-feeding support group held here, as well as the NCT- National Children’s Trust meetings.

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Opening of Baby Bird Cafe 2014

Q: What impact do you think Artwork has on the High Street?

I think it brings a sense of fun and life. It can help a business stand-out against corporate big businesses, by showing character and personality.

Q: What difference are you hoping our commission will have?

I hope it will draw people in, and bring people together. Cross Street can feel neglected, so I wanted to add personality and vibrancy to make an impression. This is what makes people feel welcome, and they relax. When people relax they talk more. When people talk they find things in common, share their problems and support each other.

Q: Do you feel part of the growing movement across the UK that is changing the focus of the high street from a corporate resource to a community resource – do you think this is important?

Yes. This could be a really important turning-point in an age of out-of-town and big business, for going back more to a sense of community, with more small and unique businesses. The town needs more personalisation to survive, and the Baby Bird building is like a grand old lady that needs ‘doing up’ and putting on make-up.

Q: Are you looking forward to Tuesday 21st February, when we launch the work?

So excited! Has been like waiting for Christmas.

Please come and join us: Tuesday 21 February 11.00am

at Baby Bird Cafe, Cross Street, Oswestry

We are working hard to finish on time…

Designs in Mind, a creative studio of artists and makers whose members are adults in touch with mental health services and the Baby Bird Café, a family –centred space for food, play and learning have collaborated on this project ‘On The High Street’, funded through the Big Lottery Fund – Awards for All, locally based Priscilla Hilton-Jones Trust and the Treble Niners grant fund, from the proceeds of the Oswestry Bonfire and Fireworks evening.