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Our Adventure

October the 10th is World Mental Health Day and we are joining the campaign to raise awareness about what can be done to make sure that people with mental health issues can live with dignity.

On October the 10th members, staff, volunteers and friends of Designs in Mind are going on adventures, setting themselves challenges and doing something different to raise money for Designs in Mind.

Tracey, Lyn, Elaine, Jess, Wendy & Jen – Oswestry Old Racecourse Walk

Kath, Jo, Elin, Jo, Catherine, Amy – 4 Wild Water swims around Snowdon

(with support from the fabulous Gone Swimming)

Bridie, Mike, Alan, Bridget- Eclectic Chandelier Charity Shop Challenge

Tray- Fastest and longest zip wire

Ros & John- Walk Rodneys Pillar

Sylvia, Lynne – Silent for a whole day

Ellie- Ottoman make over

Sylvia, Lynn- Learn to swim

Lynda- Treadmill Challenge

We will update the details on here and on social media about the adventures we are going on & you can join in- either join us on our adventure, or make your own. We are then all using this donation link to raise funds together. Please click the link to donate to Our Adventure appeal.

We are aiming to raising £3200 which will buy us a new piece of equipment essential to the future sustainability of Designs in Mind. We want to buy an exposure unit.

An exposure unit supports the screen printing process. Screen printing is one of the main processes we use in our retail development and commissions and a skill that all members have the opportunity to learn.

Here is our screen printing process in action with images taken from the production of napkins for our new homeware brand JOLT.

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Our challenge is the ability to reproduce designs, make larger collections for sale and ensure a high quality finish in all our screen printing across retail and commissions.

Our current printing process is to hand paper cut stencils:

This wastes paper, as designs can only be used once

It’s unreliable as prints can bleed

It limits creativity and participation as we only use paper cut stencils to create designs. Some members can’t cut with a knife so their designs can’t be used

For repeated designs we have to re-cut the stencils and for us all this is impractical and frustrating

Your donations to Our Adventure appeal will make a huge difference:

An exposure unit allows us to burn designs on to a screen, which means designs can be repeated like for like. When we have finished with the design, the screen can be cleared and used again.

Members can use a variety of methods to create designs- painting, collage, sewing.

The quality and finish is improved of the final product.

Designs in Mind generates core income through retail sales and producing public art commissions. Improving our screen printing process and adding this piece of equipment to our studio is essential to our future sustainability.

Scroll through the gallery below to see some other work we have produced using screen printing: