3 Ways You Can Help Us Right Now – For Free


We have been chosen for three separate community funds. We need your help by voting for us whenever you shop.

Tesco Community Funding

We are one of three community projects chosen by Tesco to receive one of their Community Grants. This means we are featured in the Ellesmere Store for Tesco’s customers to vote for their favourite project!

The winning cause will receive up to £1,500, with the causes placing 2nd and 3rd receiving £1,000 and £500 towards the costs of their projects.

To vote, you will need to make an in person purchase within the Ellesmere store of any value. You will receive one token per transaction and it’s not necessary to purchase a carrier bag in order to receive a token.

Our project is for funding to allow us to run some machine sewing workshops for members – we are especially in need of new sewing machines so we can teach everyone taking part on the same machine model. These workshops are confidence and resilience building, with members saying that “Learning new skills gives me a focus and a sense of achievement.”

Voting is open until mid January 2023.


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Marsh Commercial For the People Awards

We have been shortlisted in the Enterprise Category in Marsh Commercial’s For the People Awards.

This award celebrates an individual or organisation that has come up with a creative and enterprising way to help improve their local community.

At Designs in Mind we believe design and creativity can change lives for the positive, not just through how it looks, but how the creative process makes us feel. For over 25 years we have been leaving mental health diagnoses at the door, working together on experimental and ambitious art projects.

Through working on collaborative projects in a warm, friendly, and encouraging environment, our members build confidence and resilience that they can apply to different areas of their life. When members first visit us, they very often tell us that they “can’t” – maybe ‘can’t’ speak in public, ‘can’t’ walk through the door, ‘can’t’ draw. By learning new skills and working on art projects, members learn that mistakes are a part of the process, and they are capable of far more than they initially believe.

Marsh Commercial are supporting local communities by awarding a £5,000 grant to the winner of the Enterprise category – you can help support Designs in Mind by voting for us.

Voting is open until the 20th November.


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Co Op Community Fund

We are a chosen cause for the Coop’s Local Community Fund.

Coop Members are able to choose to support different local causes, which then get a donation every time they shop at a Coop store. Until October 2023 local Coop members who choose us as their cause will have 1p of every pound they spend at Coop stores donated to Designs in Mind.

We are raising money to hold apron sewing workshops – the money raised will allow us to hold confidence building sewing workshops for our members; people who come to us from across Shropshire who are living with mental health challenges. We are teaching skills and resilience members can use in other parts of their life, finding a way forward together.

You can read more about the project and find out how to choose us as your chosen cause on the Coop website:


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Posted by Maddy Moore, Good Egg Team and Member