Birds Mingle Muster and Meet

All year we have been working together to make our most spectacular raffle prize to date. A distinctive, beautiful and hand embroidered silk based textile piece for your home- it can be used as wall hanging, bed throw or on the sofa.

Creating work like this really brings our group together whilst giving space for individual flare and design ideas. Puffins, Kingfishers, Robins and Owls all meet in this special place.

‘I chose to embroider a Wren, because it was my late husbands favourite garden bird. When we ran a boatyard on the canal he went into the tractor shed one morning and was ‘sent off’ by a Wren who had chosen to nest there. Being the lovely man that he was, he left her in peace. I now live in Weston Rhyn and our parish magazine is called The Wren. As it is such a tiny bird, I used tiny stitches- it took ages!’


‘I haven’t done any embroidery since school but I like it. I can take my time and it gives me the patience I need to slow down and calm down. I’ve emroidered four birds, the Blue Headed Wagtail, Heron, Magpie and Grey Wagtail.’


‘I choose birds that are colourful- the South African Bee Catcher and a Chaffinch. I find embroidery very relaxing. I can pick it up, do some for an hour, go and do something else and come back to it.’


‘I embroidered a Blue Jay- I wanted something brightly coloured. I quite liked choosing a bird that wasn’t native to Britain, and maybe the bird theme appeals to me due to their freedom- mental illness can have you trapped in your own mind. I like the marbling effect that can be created by taking two strands of different embroidery thread and sewing them together to create a range of colours that blend to form a coherent piece.’


Raffle tickets are on sale now £1 each!

How to buy-
You can buy them from our studio on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 9.00am-4.30pm.

They will be on sale at our Christmas Sale on Friday the 4th of December from 2.00-7.00pm and Saturday 5th of December from 10.00am-2.00pm.

You can also email stating how many tickets you would like. Catherine will email you our bank details, and when you have transferred payment Catherine will email your tickets codes.

The draw will take place at Designs in Mind, 17a Cross Street, SY11 2NF on the 15th of December 2015 at 1.00pm. The winner will be notified by the 17th of December 2015 and arrangements will be made for delivery. It is 95″ (240cm) high and 79″ (200cm) wide and made from silk and cotton fabrics. The result will also be posted on our website and on social media, the winner can remain anonymous.

The proceeds of this raffle will go towards the continued work of Designs in Mind. You can watch a short film about our work here

Designs in Mind is registered with the Small Society Lotteries Number SL/SC0762