Member’s Story – Tracey’s Journey

Member Stories

This week’s blog features Tracey who has found Designs in Mind to be of massive benefit to her wellbeing.

I asked Tracey how she found out about the studio, she shared how her initial first day drew her in: “My mental health nurse brought me into Designs in Mind. I remember saying to her that I don’t mix with people, but there was something very special about Designs in Mind, it drew me in and I kept going back, that was quite a few years ago.”

I was interested in how from that initial intrepid introduction that Tracey experienced, has led to her being a valued member and someone I very much enjoy mixing with on our shared studio day. Tracey shared “Designs in Mind has helped me so much and still is! I get quite emotional when I think about it, how much it makes me feel better about myself. My lack of confidence is an ongoing thing, I know I’ll always struggle with it, but I’m able to say it has improved.”

Tracey gets involved in other sessions too, as she’s prepared to work towards her well-being, even though she admits her lack of confidence, it’s great to see her in the Singing group. Tracey shared: “I’ve started singing group again, which lifts my mood. I’ve also really enjoyed the ceramics focus group.”

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Practise Ceramics with Paul Bohanna Tracey’s work

I asked Tracey if she wasn’t a Member with us, what support she’d have otherwise. Tracey said, “If I didn’t attend Designs in Mind, I know I would be going to my GP a lot more.”

I asked Tracey what she gets from attending “Sometimes when I’m having a bad day, just sitting and doing something creative is so helpful, it’s nice to have a chat with staff and other Members and of course have a cup of tea as well!”

I wondered what things Tracey’s liked working on a Designs in Mind? “There’s a lot I enjoy, Ceramics, Collage, Papercut, Linocut. I find embroidery is the one thing that really helps my anxiety, when I’m sewing I feel more relaxed.”

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I asked if there was a particular favourite project: Tracey shared:”I’ve loved doing the pocket’s project and if there’s any embroidery going on in the studio I enjoy getting involved.”

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When writing the Members Journey blogs, I often ask members to think about where Designs in Mind may have encouraged more plans for there life. This can be a difficult question, especially when we are experiencing our own mental health challenges , however Tracey was very honest with herself and me with her reply. I admire her willingness to answer, as it shows wisdom.and good self care strategy: “I never let myself have too many plans, I guess having anxiety disorder, and the problems that come with that,make it hard to plan . I’m grateful if I can just keep myself in a stable position and I know Designs in Mind certainly helps me to do that. I really look forward coming in to the studio every week.”

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Many thanks to you Tracey for sharing your journey so honestly. I hope that your personal story would inspire those who may feel shy or lacking in confidence to give us a try.

Blog Written & researched by Willow, Member & Social Media Coordinator