2017 Christmas Raffle

Our Annual Raffle

A screen-printed and hand-stitched collaborative artwork based on a Japanese landscape.  

Measuring 1m x 1m  – Tickets are £1 each and can be purchased from:


The draw will take place at Designs in Mind on the 14th of December 2017 at 1.00 pm and we will notify the winner.

This design is taken from our Japan Collection.  It stands out as it involves designs from 20 members, collated and arranged by Amy and Natalie.

‘This has been a very exciting project to work on. It was empowering because we had responsibility for the designs, and as the process unfolded you can see the final piece coming together, this exceeded my expectations. The process is challenging, it’s hard to imagine the finished product- but you have to let that go. The process is collaborative, everyone has different ideas and so things change and develop with input. There is a lot of decision making and it feels great when you get to that moment when everything clicks in to place and it works.’  Amy

Printing the design on 40 panels was a challenge, anticipation to see if it would work can be seen and heard in this film…

After the printing, each panel has been hand embroidered by different members adding texture and making the final piece truly unique. This artwork is something we are already fighting over in the studio and we know it will be a stunning addition to any home.